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Hugh O’Doherty

Hugh O’Doherty

Hugh O’Doherty has consulted extensively with CLA, developing Adaptive Leadership™ capacity in a wide variety of private, corporate and public clients. A faculty member at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Hugh is involved in many executive programs related to leadership.

A native of Northern Ireland, Hugh has consulted to many international organizations, including the Northern Ireland Mediation Network and the Center for International Understanding. He has worked in Bosnia, Croatia, and Cyprus, and has addressed the United Nations Global Forum on Re-Inventing Government.

In the US, his work often focuses on community and public service challenges, such as assisting urban school superintendents to develop the leadership required to address the complex challenges inherent in meeting the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Education Act.


Friday, April 11, 2014
Sebelius Resignation Won’t Solve Adaptive Problems in Executive Branch

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