Learning to Lead Adaptively February 2015

Welcome Learning to Lead Adaptively Participants!


We look forward to working with you February 4-5 2015.

In preparation for our time together, please submit a brief statement (no more than one page) of a current leadership challenge that you are facing. A Leadership Challenge is something that you are trying to achieve, a gap between your aspiration and your current reality that you are having a hard time closing. It should be a situation where you are “stuck” and are having a hard time making progress. A current challenge is ideal, but a past one is alright as long as it is one for which unresolved issues remain. Presumably you will describe something from your work life, but it could be from your personal, civic or community life as well.

You need not reveal the identities of any individuals, organizations, groups or settings involved. Provide just enough of a description of the situation so that the crux of the issue is apparent. Though timing may limit us from delving deeply into these challenges, these will help provide context for a meaningful discussion around tackling adaptive challenges. We have found that this process helps participants get more out of the session because they are able to apply the Adaptive Leadership framework to their real situations. The accompanying frame/outline will help you in writing up your challenge.

Your leadership challenge is due no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 28th. Please print a copy to bring with you to the workshop.

Additionally, it would be helpful for you to review the following CLA articles and materials in preparation for our session:

Leadership In (Permanent) Crisis

Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis

Learn how to foster adaptation, embrace disequilibrium, generate leadership


Theory Behind the Practice

The Theory Behind the Practice

A Brief Introduction to the Adaptive Leadership Framework


We look forward to our time together.

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  • What do they stand to gain or lose if progress is made?


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What benefits would it bring to you and/or your organization if you were able to make more progress on this challenge than you have in the past?