Adaptability Survey Results – Average

Thank you for completing the Adaptability Survey. Based on your answers please see the following analysis. 

You have an average ability to adapt, according to this self-evaluation. But there is reassuring news – you are not alone. Adaptation is difficult! This survey measures four critical areas of adaptability. If corroborated by your colleagues, this would indicate you have a moderate capacity to diagnose complexity, both for the organization and at an individual level. You act in ways that appreciate nuances of social complexity and behavioral clues in yourself and in others. Consider that not all of us are excellent in each of these areas. For example, you might be effective at intervening in productive ways to vocalize organizational obstacles, but struggle to think systemically, or vice versa. What is thinking systemically? Fundamentally, it is the ability to separate personality from the underlying root cause of problems. This takes practice since it is often tempting to get sucked into the personality conflicts that regularly define modern organizational life. We become more effective in practicing leadership when we hone our radar (listen deeply), understand our role within the broader organizational structure, deploy ourselves in ways that risk disappointing others, think politically, and see the road to organizational change as necessitating continual iteration and experimentation. Congratulations! This is the work of leadership. It is an exciting journey, full of self-discovery and practice. No matter where you sit within your organization, even if you believe you lack authority to make sweeping changes, know that you can make a difference.

How can I leverage these results to practice leadership more effectively?

Cambridge Leadership Associates holds a public programs to experience the ideas central to Adaptive Leadership. Due to COVID-19, we are converting some of our public programs to an online experience and we’re happy to invite you to join us for the next experience on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The program, with modified content, will allow you to dive into some of these ideas with other interested colleagues. To learn more about this program or its registration fees, please email

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