Adaptability Survey Results – Slightly Below

Thank you for completing the Adaptability Survey. Based on your answers please see the following analysis. 

Your capacity to adapt is slightly below average, as assessed in this self-evaluation. But there is reassuring news – adaptation is difficult! This survey highlights just how difficult it is to change our own behavior and the institutionalized or entrenched practices of our organizations. The results of this survey are tabulated from four critical areas: your ability to diagnose complexity in yourself and in organizations, and your ability to effect change at the individual and organizational level. If your self-assessment were corroborated by your colleagues, this might be an indication that you struggle at times to diagnose complexity, either for the organization or at an individual level. Alternately, it may mean that you feel you struggle to act in ways that are authentic to yourself or that you have a difficult time practicing leadership in your organization to impact change. Again, this is understandable. The world is a thorny place and difficult problems exist precisely because there are no known or easy solutions. Familiarizing yourself with a language of leadership can help you create distinctions, broaden your vision, and support your efficacy. Interestingly, practicing leadership is the work of a lifetime and as our confidence grows to impact change, so too, can our efficacy. Congratulations for taking the first step in a thrilling journey of self-discovery and leadership practice that can impact the world in powerful ways.

How can I leverage these results to practice leadership more effectively?

Cambridge Leadership Associates holds a public programs to experience the ideas central to Adaptive Leadership. Due to COVID-19, we are converting some of our public programs to an online experience and we’re happy to invite you to join us for the next experience on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The program, with modified content, will allow you to dive into some of these ideas with other interested colleagues. To learn more about this program or its registration fees, please email

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