Capacity Building

Leadership Capacity Building by CLA

CLA offers four customizable programs for individuals and teams to build their capacity to meet current and yet unknown challenges. Each program is specifically designed to build a shared language, skill set and toolbox for leading change across constituencies.

Introductory Modules

Gain in-depth knowledge on one Core Adaptive Leadership concept during a ½ or full day introductory session. The content of each module is applied to a current business challenge.

Foundation Workshops

During a 2-3 day experiential program on the core concepts in which participants work to discover their own defaults and mindsets in leading change and begin to learn and practice using new tools, techniques and approaches that can be put to immediate use in their work

Immersion Programs

Intensive week long retreats designed to support and sustain individual and team growth. Participants internalize the Adaptive Leadership framework, engage in new ways of working to shift their own patterns of behavior as well as develop new and robust strategies to shift their business’s practices and norms.

Application Programs

Traditionally 6 month to 18 month long engagements, participants apply the Adaptive Leadership Framework to current and significant challenges they are facing. These programs are based on an iterative model of cohort and application time, where participants work to mobilize their organizational stakeholders to reach adaptive successes through increasing skill and tool acquisition.

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