Leadership Consulting by CLA

These services help those who are facing difficult decisions or challenges outside the current repertoire. CLA helps the organization thrive through building new competencies, diagnosing external contexts and internal dynamics, making important tough choices and engaging stakeholders in new ways. In our experience, real change comes about only when it is done by the clients, not our consultants. Our commitment is to help you make and sustain change without continued CLA involvement or intervention.

Individual Leadership Consulting

Far different from “life coaching”, our individual leadership consulting focuses and judges itself against progress on a organizational challenge. Through this process, individuals develop new skills, new working norms and defaults and learn to do more for their efforts and less getting in their own way

Top Team Consulting

Executive teams have competing challenges of executing the business model and adapting the very same business model. Our top team consulting helps top teams manage this challenge, diagnose what is essential and expendable in organizational performance and build the new practices with scaled resources. Together we diagnosis your team’s performance and align executive teams that are better poised to move off the status quo, manage conflict and complexity, manage their teams, and ultimately adapt faster than the competition

Innovation Consulting

There is no shortage of good ideas implemented poorly. Most innovations fail due to a lack of investment in overcoming the adaptive elements and underestimating the political elements of creating a change. Whether it’s a new product or service or social technology, the innovation consulting can increase the success rate to bringing innovations to scale and profit.

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