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With Adaptive Leadership, we believe that leadership can be learned and immediately put into action. Determining where to begin, however, is often the most difficult part. Being able to adapt in your work place and within your organization is essential, but how do you adapt? Where do you put resources and how do you build on strengths? CLA has three tools to help decide.

Adaptive Leadership Profile

Available in Self and 360° Assessments. The Adaptive Leadership Profile (ALP) is the result of years of development by leadership experts and statisticians. The profile assesses the following four quadrants of Adaptive Leadership capacities: Diagnosing the Organization, Mobilizing the Organization, Diagnosing Oneself, and Deploying Oneself. The Profile is a powerful learning tool and often acts as a useful starting point for increasing your ability to adapt and be effective.

Adaptive Index

The Organizational and/or Team Assessment is a powerful learning tool used to identify and analyze the adaptive strengths and challenges facing your organization or team. Like the Profile, the assessment tool provides suggestions for improvement and a consultation with experienced CLA staff.

Whole-Systems Diagnostic

Internal and External Stakeholder Assessment. The Whole-Systems Diagnostic takes a systemic view of the challenges being faced by an organization framing them in terms of the internal and external political constituencies and the specific business challenges that the organization is facing. This diagnostic work is a critical piece of the learning cycle that needs to be addressed before the real work can be done to move the organization forward.

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