Kansas Leadership Center Utilizes Adaptive Leadership Frameworks

The Situation

Client received a $30 million grant to transform the civic culture and enhance civic leadership in Kansas in order to better address the social determinants to health across the state. CLA was asked to play an integral role in helping KLC get off the ground.  The work was at the frontier, a grand experiment and a singular innovation in the world of leadership development. At the outset, there was no other example we could find of a well-resourced statewide civic leadership initiative.

CLA Approach

For nearly three years, CLA was contracted to work as part of the initial KLC planning team, offering its Adaptive Leadership frameworks, helping to develop a customized set of competencies, delivering initial programs and training a select group of Kansans to succeed CLA in delivering the work. CLA collaborated in the design of programs ranging from a one-day gathering to three-day large group events to a five-day immersion, and 1 year “train the trainer” program. CLA was immersed in the early stages at every level, picking up whatever needed to be done: integrating and adapting CLA IP, being active thought partners on all aspects of the start-up, delivering initial programs, helping to write Kansas-based cases, contributing to and co-editing the early issues of the KLC Journal, and training successor deliverers.


In a relatively short period of time, KLC has become a premier leadership development institution, making a difference in Kansas and already becoming a model copied elsewhere. And, right on schedule, CLA was able to make itself dispensable, so that the goal of a sustainable impactful institution by and for Kansans could be fully realized as quickly as possible.