The Challenge of Leadership Webinar

Published on May 1, 2012 on

The 2012 NGen Leadership Series concluded on Tuesday, May 1 with the final installment in the spring series.  This fourth webinar, “The Challenge of Leadership” was led by Alexander Grashow, CEO of Cambridge Leadership Associates.

The Challenge of Leadership
Tuesday, May 1
Speaker:  Alexander Grashow, CEO, Cambridge Leadership Associates.

In this webinar, Alexander Grashow led participants through a dynamic discussion to help identify barriers to becoming more well-rounded and authentic leaders in the nonprofit space to have a deeper impact.

Powerful questions for collective discussion include:

  • How do the relationships you develop at work propel your professional goals forward?
  • Are you collaborating and building partnerships effectively?
  • How do your self-perceptions and your perceptions of coworkers influence your ability to build authentic relationships?
  • Are there behavior adaptations that you know you need to make but are not sure how?

Cambridge Leadership Associates is a leadership consulting firm that works with organizations around the world to help them build adaptive capacities in order to thrive during change.

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