Adaptive Challenges Solved at Global Law Firm

Customized 2-year program developing Adaptive Leadership to scale and grow profits amongst internal and external adversity


A billion dollar global law firm was challenged by lack of alignment between their two senior management teams. As a consequence, the firm was not making hard choices and addressing new market realities. Frustration was growing. There was concern that they were falling behind other firms and having a difficult time attracting talent. Associates were feeling unprepared for management roles.

CLA Approach

CLA worked with the teams individually and collectively for two years, with a series of off-site, facilitation of their meetings, one-on-one coaching, and helping them use the tools and frameworks of Adaptive Leadership to address their toughest issues.


By their own declaration, the firm experienced a new level of collaboration, alignment and communication between the two teams and within each of them. Since the work with CLA, the firm has achieved dramatic growth in size and profitability during an extremely difficult and challenging time for the legal profession.