Leadership Training

In the 1700’s, when Captain James Cook landed along the northeast coast of Australia he asked the natives what the hopping mammals with pouches were called and they said “kangaroo” – the Aboriginal term for “I can’t understand you.” Although this story was later proved myth, it illustrates how critical it is to share perspectives and develop a shared language to communicate ideas. Misunderstandings often arise when language and frameworks are assumed or ill-defined. Furthermore, a common leadership language strengthens accountability and supports the difficult work of individual behavior change.

We provide leadership training in half-day, full-day or multi-episodic engagements designed to:

  • Introduce a language of leadership to teams and organizations
  • Deploy Harvard-generated tools and frameworks that aid in navigating organizational and interpersonal complexity
  • Facilitate case-in-point learning to support individuals, teams and organizations doing the complex work of change, adaptation, and innovation

What is Case-in-Point Learning?

Case-in-point is a teaching methodology pioneered at Harvard’s Kennedy School that uses the group’s own ambient energy and interpersonal interactions to learn concepts experientially. Thus, the practice of leading is live-time, combining head and heart, in the safe context of the structured engagement. This case-in-point approach requires highly skilled facilitation and a mastery of Adaptive Leadership concepts. Different from the Socratic method, case method, or lecturing case-in-point methodology calls out observations, questions, and interpretations to help the group understand the leadership concepts identified and illustrated in the room.