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We believe that leadership is about facilitating the output of others. Your efficacy as a leader is no longer dependent on your success, but rather, the success of others. Identify and practice the behaviors required for effective leadership.

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What You’ll Learn

Leadership from a Behavioral Perspective

We believe leadership is a verb – which means we can get better at it with practice. Follow along as we break down the behavioral patterns of successful leadership and help learners adopt these behaviors in their own leadership practice.

Transition from Player to Coach

The ‘secret sauce’ of leadership really boils down to how well we can orchestrate the success of those around us. The Shift Online Course teaches learners how to make the transition from individual contributor to team leader by changing our behavior.

Turn Frustration into Opportunity

When we enter a position of leadership for the first time, it’s pretty much a guarantee things won’t go smoothly. The Shift teaches learners how to harness their frustration and transform it into an opportunity for growth.

Course Curriculum

The Shift From One to Many

Section 1: Course Roadmap

Welcome to a Course That Can Chance Your Life

Set Your Goals

Making “The Shift” – The Journey Every Leader Takes

Section 2: A Celebration of You

Getting to Me

Identify Your Why

Section 3: What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

Meet the Superdoer

Apply What You’ve Learned So Far

Section 4: How to Make the Most of the "Frustration Zone"

Your Next Big Leap

Real-Life Application

Section 5: Shifting from Me to We

Shifting: Me to We

Your Behavior Patterns

Section 6: Putting It All to Work

It’s Time to Get into the Arena

Building Your Shift Plan

Make the Shift Online Course

Learner Comments

“I loved this training. I can tell you I truly identified with the circumstances. When I first became a leader I struggled with the adjustment, and then when I became a leader of leaders trying to teach people that they can’t do it all themselves is very difficult. It truly is where many people fail as leaders. This training would have been helpful to myself and others along my career path.”
Vice President

Women Founded FinTech Company

Change your behavior to scale your leadership impact

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