The biggest predictor of organizational success is whether individuals and teams can adapt to the forces of change within and surrounding them. We deploy Harvard-generated assessment tools to support individuals and teams doing the critical work of change. Robust and reliable assessment tools support mission-critical awareness at individual, team, and organizational levels to target solutions for high-impact behavior change.

Capacity Profile


The Adaptive Capacity Profile is designed to understand your adaptive style.

People respond differently to change, stress, and complexity. This tool is used to help you discover your unique approach, empowering you to lead change more effectively.

  • ACP Assessment
  • Custom Report
  • Strength Insights
  • Navigating Blind Spots
  • Understanding Adaptive Capacity

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CLA consultants conduct stakeholder interviews to understand organizational DNA, revealing strengths and areas for growth, vital for success, scale, and innovation.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Insights Report
  • Organizational Success Drivers
  • Emerging Opportunity Spaces
  • Next Steps

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360 Project

Eight to twelve month engagement for executive to include 360 feedback report and monthly stage-appropriate coaching and advising.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Executive Report
  • Assessment Tools Deployed
  • Development Plan Created
  • Regular coaching and advising for strategic & emergent issues

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