The biggest predictor of organizational success is whether individuals and teams can adapt to the forces of change within and surrounding them. We deploy Harvard-generated assessment tools to support individuals and teams doing the critical work of change. Robust and reliable assessment tools support mission-critical awareness at individual, team, and organizational levels to target solutions for high-impact behavior change.

Adaptive Capacity Profile –The Adaptive Capacity Profile (ACP) is the result of years of development by leadership experts and statisticians. The assessment is used as an instrument to understand an individual’s preferred approach when navigating through stressful situations.

Our increasingly complex world requires organizations and individuals to confront uncertainty, change, and ambiguity at a record pace. Change ready individuals and orgs can:

  1. Endure the first contact with stress, disruption, or uncertainty
  2. Cultivate the learning mindset necessary to see in new ways
  3. Think structurally to develop strategic approaches and then
  4. Convert this insight into action that stimulates new behaviors or learning in others

We call the culmination and varying levels of these behaviors, Adaptive Capacity.

The Adaptive Capacity Profile helps individuals understand the strengths, weaknesses, and overall behaviors in the context of stress, change, and complexity. When confronted with disruption, people tend to instinctively display the behaviors of one, sometimes two of these adaptive styles.

The evaluation is a powerful learning tool and often acts as a useful starting point for increasing an individual’s ability to adapt and effectively manage change.

Whole-Systems Diagnostic

Internal and external stakeholder 360 assessment. The Whole-Systems Diagnostic takes a systemic view of the challenges faced by an organization and frames them in terms of the internal and external stakeholders. This diagnostic work is a critical piece of the learning cycle that supports moving the organization forward.