The biggest predictor of organizational success is whether individuals and teams can adapt to the forces of change within and surrounding them. We deploy Harvard-generated assessment tools to support individuals and teams doing the critical work of change. Robust and reliable assessment tools support mission-critical awareness at individual, team, and organizational levels to target solutions for high-impact behavior change.

Adaptive Leadership Evaluation –The Adaptive Leadership Evaluation (ALE) is the result of years of development by leadership experts and statisticians. The assessment is used to measure capacity to:

  • Flex and understand changing environments
  • Thrive in times of uncertainty or when new behaviors are required
  • Deploy Adaptive Leadership at the self, team, and organizational level
  • Lead change and innovation

The evaluation is a powerful learning tool and often acts as a useful starting point for increasing an individual’s ability to adapt and be effective.

Whole-Systems Diagnostic

Internal and external stakeholder 360 assessment. The Whole-Systems Diagnostic takes a systemic view of the challenges faced by an organization and frames them in terms of the internal and external stakeholders. This diagnostic work is a critical piece of the learning cycle that supports moving the organization forward.