Adaptability Survey Results – Moderate

Thank you for completing the Adaptability Survey. Based on your answers please see the following analysis. 

You scored moderately high across four critical areas of adaptability on this self-evaluation. If corroborated by your colleagues, this would indicate you have a moderately well-honed capacity to diagnose complexity, both for the organization and at an individual level. You act in ways that appreciate nuances of social complexity and recognize behavioral clues in yourself and others. Not all of us are excellent in each of these areas. Tuning our “radar”, or listening deeply, to the systemic challenges within organizations helps us separate personalities from underlying challenges, and frees us to focus on the most essential tasks. Similarly, deploying ourselves productively in organizational life to support organizational progress may require us to act in ways that are risky. Practicing leadership, namely, facilitating the output of others for the sake of the essential work, necessitates that we not only become better listeners, but that we learn to deploy ourselves in ways that are situationally appropriate. Appreciate the fact that you are critical to your organization. Getting better at leadership is the work of a lifetime and will continue to benefit your organization, giving you access to more insight and a greater number of action options.

How can I leverage these results to practice leadership more effectively?

Cambridge Leadership Associates holds a public programs to experience the ideas central to Adaptive Leadership. Due to COVID-19, we are converting some of our public programs to an online experience and we’re happy to invite you to join us for the next experience on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The program, with modified content, will allow you to dive into some of these ideas with other interested colleagues. To learn more about this program or its registration fees, please email

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