CLA Helps Global Telecommunications Organization Break Into Areas of New Opportunity and Innovation

Three-pronged approach of Executive coaching, team facilitations, and Adaptive Leadership curriculum developed and delivered to 1000+ staff members


Our client, a global telecommunications company, faced a critical and unprecedented challenge to drive efficiency improvements beyond already ambitious goals. The goal was to reduce the need for new capital and develop a ROI commensurate with the efforts made to build the network in a persistently dynamic and unpredictable marketplace. CLA was brought in to help the services organization break through the familiar into areas of new opportunity and innovation and to build an ongoing culture of system-wide learning and agility bringing increased and sustained value to the client.

CLA Approach

CLA approached the work with a three-pronged strategy: (1) CLA provided executive level coaching and intact team facilitation with the client’s top team to diagnose the challenges facing the organization, make tough trade offs between competing priorities and ensure strategic alignment. (2) CLA also worked closely with teams comprised of select senior leaders across the services organization over 6-12 months. CLA offered hands-on support and guidance of the design and execution of efficiency improvements using a disciplined innovation and experimentation protocol and embedded core Adaptive Leadership skills and tools deeply throughout the teams. (3) CLA trained and equipped a team of internal “consultants” to support the experimentation protocol and engage in broad based deployment of the Adaptive Leadership framework across the enterprise.


Through this scaled approach to design, CLA cascaded the Adaptive Leadership framework to over 1,000 of the client’s employees. Experiments designed as a part of the Leadership Curriculum resulted in: process efficiencies, repurposed resources, improved service delivery, improved cross-functional collaboration, enhanced innovation & creativity, heightened risk tolerance and a greater sense of shared responsibility across the organization.