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Cambridge Leadership Associates founders and Harvard faculty, Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linksy, have been on the forefront of leadership practice and theory for more than three decades. The following selection of books, articles, blogs and other publications have grown out of CLA and the founders’ work, research and application of Adaptive Leadership around the world.


“Adaptive Capacity” nominated for INDIEFAB Book of the Year

“Adaptive Capacity” nominated for INDIEFAB Book of the Year

Congratulations to Juan Carlos Eichholz for the nomination of his book “Adaptive Capacity” as the INDIEFAB Book of the Year!

The Point of Case-in-Point

Six Anchors for Turning Classrooms into Living Leadership Labs
by Jill Hufnagel

McKinsey&Company: Change leader, change thyself

McKinsey&Company understands the importance of embracing the adaptive components of organizational behavior. McKinsey

Eric Martin: How Google Harnesses the Entire Company to Stay Innovative

Making headlines the other week, Google CEO Larry Page anointed Sundar Pichai as czar of Google’s vast product realm.

Jon Gensler: Curbing greenhouse gas emissions important step for security, economy

Over the past century, we have relied upon our nation’s reserves of fossil fuels to power our economy and remain the world’s only superpower. Coal has played a critical and undeniable role in that success story, but as so much more than just an energy source; it is a way of life that is an…

Jon Gensler: How Climate Change Affects Terrorism

According to the Obama Administration’s newly releasedNational Climate Assessment, climate change is already impacting communities in every corner of the country, with an increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events – storms, floods, and droughts – and rising sea levels destabilizing the everyday lives of Americans. Worse, the impacts of these changes are accelerating, and they are…

Marty Linsky: Doing Spend Down Right

In the summer of 2010, I received a call from Jeff Solomon, President of The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies (ACBP). We are spending down. We will close our doors in 2016. We want to do spend down ‘right’ and want to document our process so other organizations can learn from our experience.” By aspiring…

Create West Virginia speaker to tackle ‘leadership’

Published on October 22, 2013 on WVGazette.com The title of Jon Gensler’s keynote address at this weekend’s Create West Virginia conference in Richwood speaks to a core problem with changing things in these hills: “Reprogramming Appalachia Through a Different Approach to Leadership.” If one thing’s clear to the Huntington native it’s that the current system…

The Battle for FERC and the Future of Energy Security

Published on October 7, 2013 on EnergyTrendsInsider.com As regular readers of this column are aware from time to time I will host provocative perspectives on the energy industry. The failed nomination of Ron Binz to be the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which was formalized with his withdrawal from consideration on late Monday…

Romney and the politics of pandering

Published on September 1, 2012 on CNN.com Editor’s note: Marty Linsky is the co-founder and principal ofCambridge Leadership Associates and has been a member of the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School for 30 years, teaching and writing about leadership. He served as Chief Secretary and Counselor to Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and was a…