Adaptive Capacity Profile

Navigating change is hard. And there is no one right way to do it.

Discover your Adaptive Capacity Profile and get customized insights about how you navigate change and complexity. This tool serves as a powerful starting point for deploying Adaptive Leadership.

Adaptive Capacity Profile Chart
The Adaptive Capacity Profile helps individuals and teams understand their strengths, weaknesses, and overall behaviors in the context of stress and change.

Our increasingly complex world requires organizations and individuals to confront change at a record pace. Change ready individuals and orgs can:

  1. Endure the first contact with stress, disruption, or uncertainty
  2. Cultivate the learning mindset necessary to see in new ways
  3. Think structurally to develop strategic approaches and then
  4. Convert this insight into action that stimulates new behaviors or learning in others

We call the culmination and varying levels of these behaviors, Adaptive Capacity.

The Adaptive Capacity Profile helps you:

  • Understand your response to stress and change
  • Recognize your strengths and potential roadblocks when confronted with stress or change
  • Cultivate a broader awareness to the perspectives of others with different adaptive styles
  • Utilize your adaptive style to enhance your decision-making abilities when navigating adaptive challenges

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