Cambridge Leadership Associates – the home of Adaptive Leadership – helps leaders and organizations develop and deploy their adaptive capacities to facilitate change management during times of growth, crisis, and innovation.

To this cause, CLA is at the forefront of understanding and exploring the burgeoning third tier of intelligence – Adaptive Capacity (Measured as AQ or AC). This concept of AQ builds off the philosophies of William Stern and Daniel Goleman – as well as several others – who popularized IQ and EQ: a way to measure human intelligence and emotional intelligence respectively. Adaptive Capacity, necessitated by the world’s increasing complexity and mandate to confront change at record pace, is defined as the capacity to thrive in painful environments while developing new approaches and behaviors in an experimental way to create change.

The following table serves to clarify the fundamental distinctions between Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Adaptive Intelligence – or Capacity (AQ) and illustrates the need for individuals to develop each.

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